A group of passionate friends, experts in their respective fields that came together to create unique experiences for those looking for a holiday in Abruzzo.
Fabrizio Lucci

Fabrizio, Travel Guide and Italia Sweet Italia founder

Interested in tourism since he worked as a teenager in the summer months as a barman and waiter in Vasto, Fabrizio decided to study Tourism Economics at university.  He spent part of his studies as an ERASMUS student in the UK, after graduation going on to work as a consultant, researcher and teacher in tourism in Bologna, Milan and Barcelona.

He decided to return Abruzzo that he could work and live in an area that he loved and contribute to the region by developing sustainable experiences that made the most of its climate, landscapes, friendship, culture, traditions and food.



Emanuele, Wine Maker

Together with his brothers, Emanuele creates unique and inspired wines which are produced following the rhythm of nature. Fontefico’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Pecorino, Titinge  are wines with a peerless intensity and a lovely taste!

Favorite food: Risotto with seafood

Favorite dessert: Fiadone (cheese pastry made with ricotta and eggs)

Favorite wine: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Why is it worth visiting Abruzzo?
“Easy! You should come to discover and taste the excellent local wines and especially those crafted by Fonteficio!”

Discover more about Fontefico vineyard, check out their website or plan a visit with Italia Sweet Italia!

Rinaldo, traboccante

Rinaldo is a traboccante (the owner) of Trabocco Punta Tufano. He keeps the secrets of these ancient fishing huts that are dotted along Abruzzo’s coastline. He’s also our “teacher” in the Italia Sweet Italia Fishing experience. Rinaldo is the only one can share the secrets of this intricate system and transmit the love for the fascinating and romantic Trabocchi.

Favorite food: Pasta alla Chitarra (square spaghetti)

Favorite dessert: Tiramisù (a classic!)

Favorite wine: Pecorino (off-the-beaten-path white wine from wine. It’s fruity and smooth)

Why is it worth visiting Abruzzo?
“Because Abruzzo is a region where you can admire the mountains from the sea, and then… we have the Trabocchi!!!”

Discover more about Trabocco Punta Tufano, check out their website or plan a visit with Italia Sweet Italia!

Rosa,  housewife

She’s our master chef at the cooking classes experiences. She’s a specialist of homemade fresh pasta like ”pasta alla chitarra” and ravioli with spinach and ricotta.

Favorite food: Pasta alla Chitarra (square spaghetti)

Favorite dessert: Tarallucci (sweet pastry with grape jam filling)

Favorite wine: Oops! She doesn’t drink wine or spirits,

Why is it worth visiting Abruzzo?
“Abruzzo is simply wonderful and there are lots of things to see: the blue Adriatic sea, the suggestive mountains of Appennini, three National Parks…in short there’s a bit of everything. And then… you can eat heavenly!”

Michela, ceramist at Creta Rossa Laboratory

Michela is our ceramic artist and together with Giuseppe founded in 2001 the Cretarossa pottery workshop, in Vasto. Cretarossa is a real “bottega” (the Italian name to identify the artisans workshops in the past) where Michela and Giuseppe guide their guest and “students” in the practice of the different modelling and decoration techniques of ceramic.

Favorite food: Risotto with Mushrooms

Favorite dessert: Gelato (Italian ice-cream)

Favorite wine: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Why is it worth visiting Abruzzo?
“For the stunning beauty of its many different lanscapes”

Discover more about Cretarossa, check out their website ..or learn more about our four day Pottery Holiday Experience

Francesca, olive oil sommelier at Cantinarte

Francesca is an expert olive oil sommelier. She’s also our special guide during the visit at the olive oil museum of Bucchianico . She knows all the secrets of the olive oil production and she conducts her visitors through the olive oil mill built in 18th century and which belongs to her family. Visit the CantinArte olive oil musesum is a fun experience because guests learn to use all their senses to discover all the qualities of real olive oil.

Favorite food: Timballo

Favorite dessert: Parrozzo (a typical Abruzzo cake made with almond flour and covered with dark chocolate)

Favorite wine: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Why is it worth visiting Abruzzo?
“For the diversity of its landscapes and for the sublime Abruzzo extra virgin olive oil!”

Discover more about Cantinarte, check out their website ..or plan a visit with Italia Sweet Italia!

Liberato, farmer at the D’Andrea Creamery

Liberato lives in the green hills around Palmoli and he’s the owner of the D’Andrea  creamery. He knows all the secrets of farming and the makes the best fresh ricotta cheese we’ve ever tasted.  He’s also our special guide for our  milking sheep and cheese making experience.

Favourite food: Arrosticini

Favorite dessert: Fiadone (a cake made with ricotta cheese and eggs inside a pastry)

Favorite wine: Molise DOC Falanghina

Why is it worth visiting Abruzzo?
“Because it’s an incredibly green region and it’s perfect for breeding sheep and consequently to make a delicious ricotta cheese!”


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