Abruzzo social life is incredibly lively and busy of events all year around. No matter the weather or the season, in Abruzzo every week is special because there is a local food, a Saint, a tradition or an historic event to celebrate.

Many Italian festivals celebrate religious and pagan traditions whose origins often extend back hundreds or thousands years. Many are based on historic and cultural events and often include processions with people dressed in period costume, juggling shows and craft markets.

The ‘sagre‘ – country fairs – are the perfect way to get a taste of the True Italy and to spend good time with local people. There’s usually a small market, some live music from local bands and a food tent, serving up local specialties. You order inexpensive food cooked by locals with a passion for local cuisine and some good wine, then sit at long tables that you share with other diners.

It’s a side of Italian life few tourists see but it’s worth trying!