Abruzzo is a region that has never forgotten its history and origins. The good memory of Abruzzesi has permitted to hand down customs and traditions whose origins are lost in the mist of time.

The extraordinary variety of its territory, the peaceful life and  the authenticity of the Abruzzesi people have permitted to keep alive original and suggestive rites all year around.

Many of the traditions and rites mix up pagan folklore, religious beliefs and the changes in Nature from season to season.

Local people are still bound to these archetypal festivities. They actively organize the events and they loved to enjoy the joyful atmosphere. These occasions have multiple functions of aggregating friends, preserving the most ancient origins of the oral culture of Abruzzo people and a way of rediscovering the recipes and flavors dating back to ancient times.

Old songs, cheerful musics, lively colors, uncommon tastes and original period costumes are the key elements of suggestive religious celebrations, folk festivals and community reunions in Abruzzo.