For those looking for a painting holiday in Italy to improve your technique, Abruzzo has so much to offer to an artist, with its diverse & spectacular panoramic landscapes across the seasons and richly historical architectural legacy. Our 7-day pottery and painting holiday will immerse you in this splendor, and under the expert tutelage of experienced artists you will learn or hone a variety of different painting and pottery techniques to help render one of Italy’s noblest regions, Abruzzo, onto canvas.

Art Meets Seasonal Landcape Workshops

From coastal Vasto, overlooking the crystal clear Adriatic, with its picturesque architecture and humbling views, to the rolling vineyards and big sky of a nearby Italian winery and its attendant tones & textures, and finally an exclusive opportunity to paint aboard one of the amazing Abruzzo fishing platforms (trabocchi), studying light & perspective, followed by an delicious traditional seafood lunch.

If sating your artistic and creative needs wasn’t enough, our Italian pottery and painting experience also includes sampling some of the very best in Italian wine and food by local producers and families.

Your Painting Teacher

Born in Puglia, Italy, Keziat approached the world of visual arts at an early age. In 1998 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Foggia and began to collaborate with galleries and publishing companies in Italy and abroad. Since then, Keziat has presented her works in Venice, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Rome, Porto, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, Florence, Milan, Luxembourg, Ljubljana.


Her visionary art expresses in paintings, cartoons, illustrations and video animation. From 1996 to 2003, Keziat creates mainly paintings characterized by the representation of fantastic and mysterious worlds. From 2003 to 2007, Keziat focuses on woman pictures in an intimate, erotic and grotesque vein. Visionaria, her latest cycle of works (beginning in 2009), includes several black & white ink drawings on paper, video art and installations. Memoria di un folle, one of her latest works, wins the International Video Art Festival Magmart 2010 and is acquired by CAM, the Contemporary Art Museum of Casoria (Italy).

In the world of illustrations and cartoons, Keziat has published: Morbus, a cartoon story written and illustrated by her and published by Medicina Nucleare; Me and You & Me, two volumes illustrated for Encyclopediae Britannica (Chicago), A mother’s voice, a short story illustrated for AltarMagazine (New York), The caterpillar that wouldn’t change written by Nancy S.Murè, Fiddler in the Loop, CD made by musician Luca Ciarla, with whom she presents live art performances. Personal web site: www.keziat.net.


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