Learn Italian in Italy interactively, speaking from Day 1  in the Roman coastal town of Vasto  in Abruzzo, just 3 hours from Rome.

On our Italian course you will study for 3 hours every morning in large spacious rooms in a recognised School for learning Italian as a Foreign Language.

An Intensive Italian Language Course Combined Artisan Food & Wine Tasting

Your teacher will be a university graduate and qualified in Teaching Italian as Foreign Language and lessons will encourage you to speak with confidence using a variety audio and video tools.  Topics covered will include wine, cinema art and Italian cuisine. University credits are accepted and self-made groups welcome.

Two afternoons per week your small class will go on excursions to an olive  mill and vineyard for tasting, a trabocco, a journey into the Majella Mountains & Roccascalegna Castle.  At the weekend you will explore  Santo Stefano di Sessanio and Little Tibet – Campo Imperatore and Agnone in Molise to their bell foundry and for an artisan cheese tasting session.


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