Our Italian pottery course holidays take advantage of Abruzzo’s amazing, unspoiled landscapes to make for a truly exceptional artistic experience. Under the expert guidance of acclaimed local ceramic artists such us Ettore and Vincenzo, you will discover or develop your understanding of the different materials and techniques involved in creating and decorating ceramic art, allowing you to connect with the medium and unleash your innate creativity throughout our short pottery course in central Italy.

Location Location Location

The different locations we provide on this 7-day pottery holiday are designed to stimulate the senses and provide an insight into this artistic tradition in Italy. From the refreshing sea-spray and coastal splendor of Abruzzo’s fishing trabocchi, rising on wooden stilts from the Adriatic sea, to the ancient mountain-side capital of Abruzzo’s maiolica tradition, Castelli, this experience will allow you to explore the region in a uniquely satisfying way.

Food & Wine

This artistic Italian break will also introduce you to wonderful Italian wines and authentic, traditional cuisine prepared in small restaurants,  and also to local producers and families.

Your Pottery Teachers

Ettore is an artist who lives and works in a magical place. His farm is rich in elements that stimulate the imagination and creativity. In the surrounding woods, he grows the truffles he harvests and eats with friends.

Vincenzo is the last master ceramist who still carries on stubbornly crushing and grinding tin, lead and silica and then mixing them to make the milky white enamel in which the pieces of pottery are dipped after the first firing. It is an enamel coating that was originally designed to make the objects impermeable but over time an aesthetic decorative purpose was added to the functional one and today it provides the indispensable base for the ceramics of Castelli.



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