Who are you and what do you do?

Italia Sweet Italia (ISI) is a small incoming tour operator specialized in organizing vacations around Abruzzo Italy, our home. ISI is a fully licensed company covered by insurance policy no. 4378340 by Europe Assistance Italia S.p.A. band authorised by the local government to create and sell tour packages from 2011. 

Our mission is to show people from all over the world the beauty of Abruzzo and other Italian regions so they can experience our homeland, traditions, arts and folklore in a unique way, also demonstrating the benefits of sustainable tourism to everyone. In order to help you discover everything Abruzzo and other Italian regions have to offer, we organize small groups (up to 12 people) escorted tours including cultural, culinary, active, pottery, Italian language and ancestry experiences. We are happy to create a tailored vacation around your wishes. Our tours provide you with the rare opportunity to be invited into homes and farms, as well as into the daily lives of locals.

  • First of all, keep in mind that you cannot substitute for local knowledge and experience. 
  • Too many times, people discover that there is good business in Abruzzo organizing cultural, culinary and active vacations, so they move here from other countries and open a tour company. They arrive with no knowledge of our culture and traditions, no relationships with our families and local businesses. And they try to arrange an “authentic” experience when they do not even know what one is.
  • If you really want an authentic experience, say learning to make passata from a real Abruzzi nonna or fresh ricotta from a local farmer, then you must choose a tour provider who is from the area and has deep relationships with the people who live here. There really is no other way.
  • Abruzzo is our home and we have a passion for its culture and its people. We love our way of life and I love to share it with our guests – to give them a real taste of this part of Italy. And we are committed to seeing it thrive while still preserving all the things that make it so special. That’s why we only work with local businesses and families we know share our passion for Abruzzo. We even work with our own families including our mothers, fathers and aunts to teach you the recipes that come from our ancestors.
  • We know that experience matters when it comes to organising your vacation.
  • A tour operator who hasn’t been in business for a long time really has no idea about how to arrange a well-planned itinerary, no idea of the things that can go wrong, or even the things that make the difference between a “nice” vacation and a once-in-a-lifetime journey you’ll relive over and over again.
  • An experienced and local tour operator will handle every detail for you so that you can simply enjoy your time in Abruzzo – even down to your transportation so you can go ahead and sip that extra glass of wine knowing you’ll get home safely.
  • The right tour provider knows how to arrange itineraries and activities for solo travelers so they feel comfortable, at home, and like part of the family.
  • And they know that not every minute of your time must be packed with organised events so that you have enough time to explore on your own and actually “live like an Italian”.
  • We invite you to look at some of our tour itineraries and see how carefully planned and balanced they are – you will find that everything is arranged for the ultimate authentic experience. Notice that we keep our groups small so that we can give you the personal attention that makes your vacation special.
  • We strongly believe that sustaining and maintaining the local culture is a sign of responsible travel.
  • Our local traditions and culture are what make Abruzzo such a special place to visit. Too often, big tour operators come in with no care for such things – and if too much irresponsible tourism takes place, it will destroy all that makes Abruzzo worth visiting.
  • Our company is totally focused on preserving our way of life and building the local economy. We collaborate with small, family-run hotels and accommodations for our guests, and local farmers, winemakers, and restaurants, as well.
  • We visit local artisans and boutique shops and encourage you to sample their products and take home what you like. Maybe by word of mouth when you return home, our local producers will be able to expand to other parts of the world – more people will be able to enjoy our delicious Abruzzo wine and food specialties.
  • You will see that we offer many tours in the low season because we want to make sure our local business owners have income all year round so that they can stay in business. It also helps us keep our costs down so our guests can enjoy more for their money.
  • This is our guiding philosophy – maintaining all that is special about Abruzzo and preserving our traditional culture.
  • We  think we are very successful at providing the highest quality authentic experiences for our guests –  we are number one in Abruzzo for tours and activities on Tripadvisor! Look at what some of our guests say about our tours.


  • They’ve travelled enough to know that touristy vacations are just not them
  • They long for more authentic travel, ways to truly experience the culture and people they’re visiting.
  • They appreciate la dolce vita and the pleasures of exquisite food, wine, and fellowship with others who share their passions.
  • They are not afraid to take bold steps…to learn something new…to explore something completely out of the ordinary.

In short, they are exactly the sort of person who would deeply enjoy a cultural or active tour of Abruzzo and other off the beaten paths destinations.

  • Our tours are suitable for everybody that travelled enough to know that touristy vacations are just not them and long for more authentic travel, ways to truly experience the culture and people they’re visiting
  • Our travellers appreciate la dolce vita and the pleasures of exquisite food, wine, and fellowship with others who share their passions
  • Our guests are not afraid to take bold steps… to learn something new… to explore something completely out of the ordinary
  • The minimum age for pre- arranged tours is 14 (14-18 accompanied by an adult) with no upper age limit. For tailor-made and private tours any age is fine
  • Our tours are perfect for solo travellers (we don’t charge single room supplement for our 7-day tours in Abruzzo), couples, groups of friends and even families are welcome
  • Our guests don’t need to have any experience in cooking or painting or do pottery or speaking Italian to join our tours. Our experienced course tutors will soon discover your level of knowledge and will adapt their approach accordingly
  • All classes are taught both in Italian and English so you’ll have the opportunity to learn and practice a little bit of Italian.
  • This is what we hear over and over again from our guests…

    “It was so different from our trip to Rome. I really felt like we were part of the community and the rhythm of life here.”

    “Making pasta with Mamma in her kitchen was the most incredible experience. The local cuisine is fantastic and the people are so welcoming and friendly.”

    “I’ve always loved Italian wines but the Abruzzo varietals are simply delightful. I loved learning about the local wines from Nicola and Emanuele.”

    “We were blown away by our trip to the coast – so beautiful! And seeing the snow-covered mountains in the distance was a surreal experience.”

    And yes…you really can walk along the beach while admiring the snow-capped Apennines on the horizon.

  • You should expect to make new friends whose curiosity led them, like yourself, to an Italia Sweet Italia tour. Many of our clients are extremely well-traveled, but some are taking their first trip to Europe. All of them are seeking the opposite of the “mega tour bus”, “10 cities in eight days” trip. Our small-group concept (never more than 12 travelers) allows you to genuinely get to know your traveling companions, often finding out they just meet new friends who will join you on future travel adventures. Read this review to have an idea of what one of our past traveler who usually avoids guided tours said:

    Trip of a Lifetime

    This vacation was one of the best I have ever taken. Fabrizio was a fantastic guide. Normally I avoid guided tours,  but this trip interested me because it included both travel and cooking in the best place to enjoy both- Italy. This truly was a trip of a lifetime. Read more here.


At the time of booking, we will send a file with directions to the meeting point, easily accessible.

  • Pick up Tours in Abruzzo and Puglia

    For all the small group tours listed in our calendar, the pick up at Rome Fiumicino airport is planned at 12:30 pm on day 1. Normally it takes 3-3,5 hours to drive to Vasto, our base on the Adriatic Coast for all the tours (except for The Abruzzo, Puglia & Matera experience tour and The Double Soul of Abruzzo Experience tour in which we’ll drive around 2 hours to Sulmona). The timing depends on the traffic (on Sunday, when most of our tours start, there is usually no traffic) and if you need to stop at the motor service along the way for a snack or to go to the toilette. It is a beautiful and relaxing driving, crossing 3 National parks and from where you can see many hilltop villages, castles, the Apennines vineyards and the Adriatic Coast. Few weeks before the tour starts, we’ll send you a pdf with precise pick up location and times.
    Please consider also this information:

    • If you want you can be picked up at a Hotel in Rome, but we need to charge  € 50 extra for this service that you can pay when you’ll pay the deposit. We’ll come earlier to pick you up at your accommodation (it depends on the exact location, but normally it is 1 hour before the pick up at Rome F. Airport). Sometimes it could be also after the airport pick up.
    • When we’ll have all flights and arrival information of all the travelers, if everybody who is joining the tour is supposed to arrive before 12:30 pm, we could anticipate the pick up time.
    • You can also reach Vasto or other destinations in Italy by bus or train. Please take a look at this page. We’ll organize the taxi transfer from/to Vasto train station (10 minutes driving) or Vasto coach station to/from the hotel in Vasto (3 minutes driving)


Drop off Tours in Abruzzo and Puglia

For drop off we usually leave the hotel in Vasto after breakfast, at around 09:00 am so that at maximum 01:30 pm (if there is traffic but normally it takes 3-3,5 hours) we arrive at Rome Fiumicino airport. If sometimes we have somebody in the group that has an earlier flight we could leave 1-2 hours before (so at 07:00-08:00) but we make our evaluations time by time. If there are some specific needs, there are also public buses that shuttle from Vasto to Rome Fiumicino (or city center) earlier in the morning and by night (take a look here). In this case we organize the taxi transfer from the hotel to Vasto coach station (3 minutes driving).

For the drop off to Bari for The Abruzzo, Puglia & Matera experience tour, we follow this program: after breakfast we leave(normally at 09:00) for Bari airport or your next destination (45 minutes driving from Hotel to Bari airport and 40 minutes to Bari train station). When we’ll have information from all the people who will join the tour (about their programs on that day) we’ll finalize this. If there are some specific needs, we can organize a private transportation (before or after the planned one) from the hotel to Bari airport or train station that costs € 90.

Private pickup and drop off for group tours

Of course, we are always happy to support you to organize a private pick up/drop off only for you to let you join our small group tours listed in our calendar.

Pick up Tours in Emilia Romagna

For this tour the pick up at Bologna airport or railway station is planned at 2:30 pm on day 1. Normally it takes 1-1,5 hours to drive to Porretta Terme, our base on. A few weeks before the tour starts, we’ll send you a pdf with exact pick-up location and times. Please consider also this information:

  • If you want you can be picked up at an Hotel in Bologna, but this service has an extra cost of € 50 that you can pay at your arrival. We’ll come earlier to pick you up at your accommodation (it depends on the exact location). Sometimes it could be also after the airport pick-up
  • When we’ll have all flights and arrival information from all the travelers, if everybody that is joining the tour is supposed to arrive before 2:30 pm, we could anticipate the pick-up time

Drop-off Tours in Emilia Romagna

For the drop-off to Bologna airport or railway station we usually leave the hotel in Porretta after breakfast, at around 09:00 am so that we arrive at Bologna airport or railway station at maximum 10:30 pm. If anybody in the group has an earlier flight, we could leave 1-2 hours before (so at 07:00-08:00) but we make our evaluations from time to time. If there is any specific need, there are also trains from Porretta (3 minutes walking from the hotel) to Bologna or other destinations in Italy (take a look here)

Pick up Tours in Sicily

The pick up at Palermo airport is planned at 2:30 pm on day 1. Normally it takes 30 minutes to drive to the hotel. A few weeks before the tour starts, we’ll send you a pdf with exact pick-up location and times. Please consider also this information:

  • When we’ll have all flights and arrival information from all the travelers, if everybody that is joining the tour is supposed to arrive before 2:30 pm, we could anticipate the pick-up time

If you’re having trouble finding a flight that best fits our schedule or want more time to recover from jet lag, we point out that one solution (as several of our clients do) is to stay one night before the start or after the end of the tour with us in hotels near the airport (we have no agreements for hotels near airports, but here you can easily find and safely book the accommodation that’s right for you).

Drop-off Tours in Sicily

For the drop-off to Palermo airport we usually leave the hotel in Erice after breakfast, at around 09:00 am so that we arrive at Palermo airport at maximum 10:30 pm (if there is traffic, but it normally takes 70 minutes). If anybody in the group has an earlier flight, we could leave 1-2 hours before (so at 07:00-08:00 am) but we make our evaluations from time to time. If you want to explore more fascinating places of this Island or other Italian regions, don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll be happy to support you to continue your Sicilian and Italian trip. If needed, we could organize a private transfer to Palermo airport that costs around € 100. 


We strongly advise purchasing travel insurance that also includes trip cancellation. Anything can happen before you departure or while you are on vacation and you should protect your investment. Please review our Terms & Conditions.

We don’t offer refunds, as we make arrangements/payments with our vendors on your behalf once you book your trip. However, we will be happy to help you transfer your reservations to a different tour or person if you’re unable to attend the tour you originally booked.

We will always do our best to make sure that you are satisfied with your booking experience. Please review our Terms & Conditions.

Yes. Again, we strongly advise the purchase of trip medical insurance to cover unforeseen expenses.

No, but we suggest to take a look at this platform where you will find many options.

Yes, our region and area are very safe, as you can read here. 

In most of our tours we’ll spend the week in Vasto (population: over 40.000) that is not a big city and is very safe.

Besides you’ll visit all the places and go to restaurants with a local tour guide

We had many solo travelers women that enjoyed the region in a safe way as you can see here. 

Solo travelers are more than welcome and we don’t charge any extra for single room supplement (double room with ensuite bathroom used as a single room) for all the 7-day tours in Abruzzo. 

Many of our guests travel on their own, so you’ll fit right in. In our small groups (never more than 12 guests), we typically have a mix of solo travelers, couples, and friends or family members traveling together.

Usually you can book up to 45 days before the tour starts. For some tours you could book even only a couple of weeks in advance if we have availability and the tour is confirmed. Some people book 12 months in advance and some other a few weeks before the departure, it’s up to you.


More or less any time of year. Abruzzo is beautiful all year round. The climate of this southern area of Italy is very mild and the cold only really becomes noticeable among December and the beginning of February, or if you head up into the mountains. Note that our winters are much like spring in the UK.

In summer – from mid-June to the beginning of September, it can become very hot – so light clothing is a must.

About the weather in Vasto, our base for most of our tours, here you can read more about average temperatures, rain and so on.

Comfortable, non-slip, walking shoes, small backpack, light rain gear, bathing suit, small camera and film, hat and sun protection (in summer time). Neck pouches, money belts and pants with multiple pockets (to help avoid the crafty fingers of pickpockets in large centers). Padded shorts for biking. Dress tends to be tastefully casual throughout Italy. Remember to keep a cardigan or long sleeve shirt for entering churches or places of worship. No shorts or short skirts.

Italia Sweet Italia “highly” recommends only one moderately sized piece of luggage that you can pull and one carry-on bag per person. Check with your airlines for weight restrictions. Domestic or European flights have strict weight restrictions compared to International flights.

No, guests do not need to bring their own hairdryer during their stay at our tour hotels. All the accommodations included in our tours provide a hairdryer for guests’ convenience and comfort.


  • Throughout the duration of your pre-arranged tours with us you’ll be accompanied by  English-speaking and fully licensed tour directors and guides, so you won’t have to worry about anything
  • Our cooking course tutors are experienced “massaie” – Italian housewives. The pottery and art courses are run by local artists and ceramists
    We only select partners who share our love of Abruzzo, its history and traditions. On this page you can meet our friends who we hope will soon become your friends too.

The official language of our tours is English. During all the courses and activities there will be an English speaking tour director and guide that will help with translations from Italian during each activity/visit/course i.e. with housewives, farmers, fishermen and so on. So that you’ll also have the opportunity to practice or learn a little bit of Italian.

Absolutely! We explain very clearly how we prepare our recipes and you’ll definitely get to try on your own.

Certainly. Our experienced course tutors will soon discover your level of knowledge and will adapt their approach accordingly. You can always let us know your level of experience when you book as this will help our tutors ensure you get the best out of the classes.

Here you can discover our 7-day culinary tours that according to our experience is a good time to give you the insights to daily life, food & wine, culture and production in Abruzzo and will let you discover the authentic Italy in a balanced mix of experiences, relax, adventure and learning.

At Italia Sweet Italia we believe that the oldest and most authentic Italian recipes are best learnt from those with a direct link to the origins & traditions involved. In all of them there are authentic experiences (usually we don’t offer cooking classes with a chef. According to our philosophy you can have a cooking class with a chef whenever in the world and we want to propose you something authentic, genuine and emotional) and usually, for every culinary tour, we start from these cooking experiences:

1.  An authentic Abruzzo 3-4 hours hands on homemade pasta cooking class (plus lunch) with a local family as you can read here:

  • We’ll walk and visit Vasto’s colorful market to get seasonal products. Here you’ll have the opportunity to practice a little bit of Italian even if you don’t speak any of it
  • Next we’ll drive to the beautiful countryside of Vasto where we’ll meet Fabrizio’s family to have an exclusive cooking class with them and we’ll learn how easy it is to make fresh pasta and we’ll be introduced to Abruzzo sauces
  • An sample menu based on Fabrizio’s family recipes includes Bread with meat sauce, Pasta alla chitarra with meat sauce and polpette (meatballs), Cavatelli with vegetables and Tarallucci (typical biscuits from Abruzzo)
  • Take a look at these pictures to have an idea of this activity and the atmosphere

2. An authentic homemade pizza cooking class with a local family as you can read here:

  • Help Adele and Mamma Anna Maria to make tiramisù and many kinds of pizza including the world famous Margherita or local ones with typical toppings such as the renowned “ventricina” salami

3. Visit to a typical “agriturismo” to learn everything about Abruzzo farming, farm-to-table lunch as you can read here:

  • We’ll learn how to make a special bread called “pizza scima – stupid pizza”, a pizza without yeast
  • After collecting some organic wine from their winery, we’ll have an aperitif including a taste of their production: cheeses, salami and extra virgin olive oil
  • Next we’ll learn how to prepare ricotta cheese
  • Take a look at these pictures to have an idea of this activity and the atmosphere

According to the selected tours, you could learn other recipes and preparation methods, such as how to make authentic Italian gelato with an award winning “gelataia” (professional gelato maker), tagliatelle with truffle or tomato passata sauce to learn how to preserve tomatoes to last all winter making traditional delicious bottles of passata and pezzetti (pieces of fresh tomatoes) using ancient recipes and methods or traditional Christmas dishes.

So, as you can see, we don’t spend all the time in the same kitchen, but our main goal is to let you meet local people and have an interaction with them to create links among your culture and our culture through the food as well. Usually we visit also an olive oil mill and a winery with extra virgin olive oil and wine tastings.

The minimum is 2, our trips are small and intimate! The groups typically range between 4 and 12 people but not more than that (unless we’ve arranged a special itinerary for a self-formed group), with the average group size of 7 like-minded travelers. You can book individually (please note there are no single room supplements on our 7-day tours of Abruzzo), as a couple or why not come with a group of friends.

If you know you want to be part of a larger group, contact us and we’ll point you into the right direction. Want something for just the two of you? We can cover that too, discover our tailor-made section.


Since cuisine is such an important part of the Italian culture, we endeavor to expose you to as many local specialties as possible. Italy is very famous for the food, with each region boasting specialties related to climate, history and traditions. Most travelers cite our meals, including our selection of small, out-of-the-way dining venues, as the high points of our trips.

As you can read here, in a typical 7-day tour, we have these meals planned:

·        DAY 1 | Dinner in a traditional restaurant

·        DAY 2 | Breakfast, lunch after the homemade pasta cooking class in a private home

·        Day 3 | Breakfast, lunch on a trabocco fishing house on the sea and dinner in a traditional restaurant

·        Day 4 | Breakfast, lunch in a private art farm or home

·        Day 5 | Breakfast, lunch in a farmhouse after making cheese

·        Day 6 | Breakfast, lunch in a winery and dinner after the homemade pizza cooking class and party in a private home

·        Day 7 | Breakfast

So, in a standard 7-day tour, we don’t have dinner on day 2, 4 and 5 after very big lunches.

We balance different local, regional and Italian traditional meals every day (full meals with many courses, vegetables, meats, pasta, fish, salami, cheeses or pizza or lighter meals and tastings) and we know, for our experience that  i.e., on day 2, after a cooking class and a big lunch (starters, pasta, second dish, fruit, dessert, coffee, wine and liqueurs) most of the people don’t want a planned dinner with the group and prefer to explore Vasto city center  (our base, that is 5 minutes walking from the accommodation) by themselves to maybe have just an aperitivo, some fruit that they can buy at the market, a gelato, a slice of pizza or a dish of pasta. Vasto has many wonderful restaurants, wineries, gelaterie and “pizzerie” where you can sample our local dishes and, of course, we’ll be more than happy to give you recommendations.

Besides, we know that not every minute of your time must be packed with organized events so that you have enough time to explore on your own and actually “live like an Italian.”

Our travelers never get hungry:-)

We are usually happy to accommodate restrictions if we get to know them well in advance. This is true for vegetarians, vegans, people who are gluten-free, and for people with food allergies and intolerances. Please send us an email at fabrizio@italiasweetitalia.com to inquire if you have specific restrictions.

We do not recommend people with life-threatening food allergies take our trips, as even with our best efforts we cannot guarantee you will not come into contact with certain allergens.


  • Accommodation
  • Most of the meals (food, water & house wine)
  • Hands on cooking classes
  • Wine, olive oil, cheese and salami tastings
  • Daily trips and excursions
  • Transfers from and to Rome Fiumicino Airport
  • Transport for day trips and excursions
  • All admission and tour fees
  • An English speaking tour manager for the duration of the holiday
  • All taxes
  • Airfares
  • Spending money
  • Snacks/Drinks between meals, or any meals not listed on the itinerary
  • Personal expenses like phone calls, visa costs, laundry or tips
  • Travel insurance (not mandatory, but strongly recommended)
  • Drinks not listed on the itinerary (an extra bottle of wine, for example)
  • The cost of additional excursions or activities

Gratuities are not included in our pricing. It is never mandatory in Italy, but if you have been pleased with the services, it is always welcome.

A selected choice of charming hotels, B&Bs, historical palaces and agriturismi (farmhouses) are offered by Italia Sweet Italia to our guests whilst on vacation in this unique part of central Italy. What they all have in common is that they are family run, provide a high standard of service, are meticulously clean and equipped with modern conveniences and free wi-fi.

I.e.: during most of our 7-day prearranged tours in Abruzzo you will stay at the centrally located Hotel dei 7***, recently renovated. In their practical and elegant ambiance you can relax with all the modern comforts and in absolute tranquility nearby the Villa Comunale (Municipal Park) and Belvedere San Michele, one of the most fascinating viewpoints of the town. Most of the rooms have also a small kitchen and an amazing view of the Adriatic Sea and Vasto bay. It is 5 minutes walking distance from Piazza Rossetti, Vasto main square. You can also choose to upgrade to a lovely boutique residence located in the heart of Vasto. Originally an 18th-century mansion, it has been renovated into an upscale B&B with 5 bedrooms, located on the Amblingh promenade. Discover more here and inquire for a quote.

Our goal is to let you discover our culture, food and traditions through meetings with local passionate people and their houses, farms, wineries and so on. So we don’t want you to spend a lot of time on vans, cars or mini buses. In a standard 7-day prearranged tour, except for days 1 and 7 in which we travel from/to Rome airport, we spend maximum 2 hours driving per day (to go and to come back), some days even a few minutes. Sometimes when we walk or cycle through the mountains, we could drive a little bit more discovering amazing landscapes, enchanted hilltop villages, charming lakes, fascinating castles and national parks.

Certainly! We are more than happy to create an itinerary just for you, your family and your friends. Visit Italia Sweet Italia’s Tailor-Made section to get more information on how we can create a unique Italian vacation for you.

Yes you can, but it will be subject to additional charges. If you want to enjoy trips to other places in Italy, then let us know and we’ll let you know what can be done and how much it would cost. We can organise one or more extra days included in our tour. You could also have a look at what our “Experience Italia” tours offer.

Alternatively, if you want to create your very own personalised itinerary, please visit our Tailor-Made section.

Yes, we arrange private departures on request. Most of the tours we offer can be arranged as a private tour with a minimum of 6 people traveling together. If you wish to have a private tour arranged you can contact us by email at fabrizio@italiasweetitalia.com.
Please visit also our Tailor-Made section.

Yes, we are happy to arrange these sorts of tours. Please have a look here to see sample itineraries and similar multigenerational vacations that we organized in the past.

Welcome to Italia Sweet Italia, where each day blends cultural immersion, scenic beauty, and culinary delights. Arriving at Rome Fiumicino airport, our team whisks you away to Sulmona or Vasto amidst the stunning Abruzzo landscape. After settling in, explore at your leisure before a warm welcome briefing with our guide. Indulge in authentic Italian cuisine at local eateries, with flexibility to accommodate preferences. From optional activities to leisurely strolls, every moment promises an unforgettable Italian adventure. Read more 


To book a prearranged tour with us, simply choose your favorite tour among these ones, check availabilities contacting Fabrizio (fabrizio@italiasweetitalia.com) or using the Book now button on the tour page, and go ahead with his instructions to pay by credit card.

The booking becomes binding only after the payment of a 25% deposit per person and the confirmation e-mail from Italia Sweet Italia. The 75% balance has to be paid within 45 days before arrival. Tours booked less than 45 days before their start date must be paid in full. 

If you prefer, you can also pay the 25% deposit and 75% balance by Bank Transfer (Italia Sweet Italia Holidays di Lucci Fabrizio,  Account number: 1231254113 IBAN: 

IT21R0526277910CC1231254113 SWIFT: BPPUIT33 Banca Popolare Pugliese – Società cooperative per azioni, Via XXIV Maggio, 25, 66054 Vasto (CH) – Italy. Headquarter: Via Luigi Luzzatti, 8, 73046 Matino (LE). 

Before the balance is due, we’ll send you an e-mail to remind you about the payment including a link to be used in case you prefer to pay the balance by credit card. 

To book your tailor-made tour with us, follow these easy steps. you are welcome to contact us at any stage and and we will help you with any doubts or problems:

    1. Discover our experiences, excursions and activities here
    2. Select all the experiences you would like to live with us and fill in the form including your personal message and description of your interests/needs
    3. Receive our draft itinerary
    4. Let us know if it is ok or if you want to make some changes
    5. After your approval we’ll send you the final itinerary including a quote
    6. Let us know if it is ok or if you want to make some changes
    7. If it is ok for you, you proceed with the booking:

a) You can pay the 25% deposit per person by:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Credit card through Stripe

b) You pay the 75% balance within 45 days before arrival. You can pay the balance by Bank Transfer or Credit card through Stripe.

If you need to reschedule your trip, don’t worry. Let us know, and we’ll do our best to help you sort out alternative dates, though this may incur additional charges.

If for any reason you need to cancel your trip entirely, a penalty is charged as shown below (calculation is in calendar days):

Days before tour start dateCharge per person
45 days or more25% of the total cost*
15 – 44 days50% of the total cost
7 – 14 days80% of the total cost
0 – 6 days100% of the total cost

*If cancellation is necessary due to the death of a family member, health problems or other unforeseen circumstances, we’ll transfer your deposit to a future date or to a different person.

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