Flexible bookings

Booking with flexibility means you can

Change booking dates

You’re not locked in. Things can change, and we will be happy to allow you to choose a different booking date in case you need

Choose a different tour

In case your new dates and your previous tour no longer work out, we will be happy to let you choose a different tour with us

Receive credit if plans change

If you can’t pick your new dates and tour at the time of cancellation, we will be happy to offer you a credit towards a future trip

We are happy to introduce you to our new Flexible Booking Policy – FLEX AND SAFE – which allows you to delay your tour and transfer your deposit paid to another date of your choice within 24 months of your original tour start date, completely free of charge with no hidden costs.

Whether you’re booking your first, second or third tour with us, we completely understand you may be feeling uneasy and worried about travelling to Italy for the future because of the unknown situation linked to Covid-19. Flex and Safe is our direct response to give you reassurance and flexibility when booking with Italia Sweet Italia going forwards.

FLEX AND SAFE Deposit – How does it work?

FLEX AND SAFE allows you to change your booking date with Italia Sweet Italia to another tour of your choice within 24 months of your original tour start date.

This means your deposit is completely transferrable to another tour of your choice with no additional fees to pay.

FLEX AND SAFE will automatically apply to all new and existing reservations made for tours that start from 1st September 2020. Therefore, this applies to anyone who has already booked a tour with us for 2020.

With FLEX AND SAFE, as long as you notify us before the final balance payment deadline, which is 45 before your tour start date, we will be happy to transfer the 100%of the deposit you paid to another tour of your choice.

All we ask is that once you have decided to change the date, you contact us with your new tour date request immediately. Any changes to your tour dates must be requested by writing us.

FLEX AND SAFE is our direct response to give you reassurance and flexibility when booking with Italia Sweet Italia going forwards. This means you can have something to look forward to without too much financial risk or tie in and finally to get your holiday plans back on track!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many times can I change my booking?

FLEX AND SAFE entitles you to make 2 free-of-charge dates amendments to your original booking. Once you have used your free FLEX AND SAFE amendment twice, you cannot change dates again.

Q: Is there a time limit within which I can rebook after I change my original booking?

With FLEX AND SAFE you must take your tour within 24 months of your original tour start date.

Q: Can I have a refund of my deposit – I want to cancel my booking altogether?

Should you decide to completely cancel your tour with us our standard terms and conditions apply: your deposit is non refundable. We can only offer you alternative dates within 24 months of your original tour start date.

Q: When should I notify Italia Sweet Italia of a date change to my tour once I have decided to Flex?

Make sure you let us know up to 45 days before your arrival date. At this point you must notify us immediately of your new tour dates at the time of amendment.

FLEX AND SAFE does not apply once you have entered the 45 days final balance payment period. At this point you are obliged to pay for your tour in full. Should you then decide not to make your tour, our usual T&C’s will apply which means there will be no refund or transfer of holiday dates offered. Of course, this is not restrictive in case you won’t be allowed (by law) to travel to Italy because of Covid-19.

Please see our standard Terms & Conditions on our website.

For now, take care and stay healthy.

Look forward to seeing you all soon in Abruzzo, Italy!


July 15th 2020


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