Contest: How Well Do You Know Italy?

Do you fancy yourself a connoisseur of Italian cuisine?

Put your taste buds to the test in our exciting quiz, “How Well Do You Know Italy?”

With ten mouth-watering questions about Italian culinary delights, it’s your chance to prove your knowledge and win some fabulous prizes!


  1. Participants: The contest is open to all enthusiasts of Italian cuisine.

  2. Participation Mode: You can participate as many times as you want. However, the prize will be awarded only once per each name and email address used for booking.

  3. Quiz: The contest consists of an English language quiz titled “How Well Do You Know Italy?” comprising ten simple questions about Italian cuisine.

  4. Prizes:

    • Score from 0 to 3: A thank you from us and an invitation to join one of our tours to delve deeper into Italian culture.
    • Score from 4 to 7: A bottle of local wine, delivered to you upon participation in one of our tours.
    • Score from 8 to 10:

      A delightful basket filled with typical Italian products, presented to you during your participation in one of our tours.

  5.  Prize Allocation: Prizes will be awarded based on the score obtained in the quiz. In case of a score qualifying for more than one prize, the prize corresponding to the highest score will be awarded.

Join now and put your knowledge of Italian cuisine to the test for a chance to win fantastic prizes! Good luck!

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