Bari, between land and sea

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Bari is a fascinating city, with two faces: the elegant Muratti district and the hypnotic old Bari, lying on the Adriatic.

In fact, Bari has Italy’s largest waterfront embellished with majestic buildings and the historic center is a guardian of art, flavors and colors.

Bari boasts a variety of gastronomic offerings such as “orecchiette” with turnip tops, curious little domes of fresh pasta prepared; or the famous ciambotto, a fish sauce made from a mixture of several specialties; or also rice, potatoes and mussels, a delicious simple meal to be enjoyed hot.

Rich in history, it has a strong religious imprint linked to the cult of St. Nicholas, whose tomb is enshrined in the majestic cathedral dedicated to him.

This city is an important place to live like a local and feel at home, thanks to the innate and engaging atmosphere that the citizens create and cherish.

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