Discovering Ragusa and its treasures: The “City of Bridges”

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Located in the picturesque region of Southeastern Sicily, Ragusa is a haven for travelers seeking authenticity, culture, and adventure.

Ragusa is known as the “City of Bridges” due to its three bridges that connect different parts of the city, all built between 1843 and 1964.

The most famous bridges in Ragusa are Ponte Vecchio, Ponte Nuovo, and Ponte Papa Giovanni XXIII.

But beyond this, Ragusa has also been referred to as the “Island within the Island” and the “Other Sicily” by poets and writers, highlighting its special character in the Sicilian landscape.

With a population of approximately 73,000 residents, Ragusa thrives in an area where art and nature blend in a captivating harmony.

The city is situated at varying altitudes, ranging from 500 to 700 meters above sea level, offering spectacular vistas of landscapes stretching into the horizon.

Ragusa is divided into two distinct quarters, each with its own unique personality.

Ragusa Superiore, the upper city, welcomes visitors with the grand Cathedral of San Giovanni and a series of historic palaces such as the lavish Palazzo Zacco, the noble Palazzo Sortino Trono, and the splendid Palazzo Schininà di Sant’Elia.

It’s a place where Baroque architecture harmoniously intertwines with the allure of the past.

However, it’s in Ragusa Ibla that the heart of this city beats strongest.

Crossing the staircase of Santa Maria, a charming path composed of approximately 340 steps, leads to Ragusa Ibla.

Here, the renowned Portal of San Giorgio greets visitors with its Baroque magnificence, opening the doors to a array of architectural treasures.

The Cathedral of San Giorgio, an extraordinary example of Baroque art, dominates the square, while winding alleyways, centuries-old churches, and adorned buildings enhance the urban landscape.

Piazza Pola, the Church of Sant’Agostino, the Church of San Francesco dell’Immacolata, and the majestic Palazzo Battaglia add further depth to Ragusa’s cultural tapestry.

Beyond the architectural wonders, Ragusa offers unforgettable experiences.

On one hand, you can immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of Marina di Ragusa’s beaches, a renowned seaside resort located just 25 km from the city; Punta Secca, a tranquil beach famous for being the set of “Inspector Montalbano“; or Donnalucata, a beach with fine sand and crystalline waters, ideal for relaxation.

On the other hand, you can indulge your palate with traditional Sicilian cuisine.

Savor culinary delights such as arancine, cannoli, and pasta alla Norma, paired with the famous Ragusano DOP cheese.

While the summer heat brings average temperatures from 75°F (24°C) to 95°F (35°C), the winter offers a cool serenity with average temperatures from 45°F (7°C) to 60°F (15°C), making Ragusa a pleasant experience at any time of the year.

The architectural masterpieces built after the earthquake, along with those present in the Val di Noto, were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2002.

In summary, Ragusa is a journey through art, history, and the authentic taste of Sicily. 

Its picturesque streets, architectural masterpieces, traditional dishes, and welcoming atmosphere await you for an unforgettable adventure.

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