Great picnic spots in Abruzzo

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It’s not spring yet, but the Abruzzo sun is already lending a warmth to the chill air and a soft breeze invokes the scent of flowers.

We’ve decided to take advantage of this sunny day and have gone to take our lunch-break in the open air! Is there any better way to enjoy this wonderful weather than organizing a picnic??

There are two fundamental things needed for the perfect picnic: a spot with a magnificent view and some yummy & easy food. Fortunately in Abruzzo we have both in abundance!

Here are three of our favorite picnic locations that are just few minutes away from each other, all located around Vasto…

…and at the end, there’s our suggestion for a tasty picnic lunch Italian style!

1. For those who like classical…

Just outside the city center of Vasto there are many fields where you can lay a blanket on the green grass and enjoy a picnic. Accompanying the relaxing and rural atmosphere here  is the view onto the snow-capped Majella mountains that raise majestically from the valley.

2. For those who love to feel soft sea breezes on their face…

The Punta Aderci Natural Reserve is the perfect place to enjoy a day or even just a few hours, set in an unspoilt natural environment where the only noise is bird song. The Reserve covers an area of approximately 285 hectares and offers two wonderfully variant scenarios to delight in: the beach of Punta Penna close to Vasto harbor, a unique marine amphitheater  and the promontory of Punta Aderci (26 meters above sea level). Climbing over it gives a breathtaking view of the Majella National Park, the Gran Sasso and, of course, the blue Adriatic sea. It’s also one of the best preserved environments of the entire Adriatic coast and beyond doubt one of the most charming, rugged coastal areas of the region. The Reserve includes several walking and mountain bike trails.

3. For those who like historic atmospheres

The legend says that Vasto was founded by Diomedes, a hero in Greek mythology, who stopped here and founded his own village. In its history, Vasto has seen many cultures and peoples come & go, such as the Etruscans and RomansLater on, Histonium – the ancient name of Vasto – was conquered by a Frenchman named Aymone. He built a fortified village upon the ruins of Histonium and called it Guast d’Aymone. During the Medieval times, Vasto was dominated by the Spanish noble family D’Avalos, who built the Palazzo d’Avalos, and the Caldora family who built the Caldora castel. Palazzo d’Avalos is open to the public.

Find a park bench in front in one of the many spots of Vasto overlooking the beautiful Gold gulf. Relax and enjoy the sun.

‎Once you decide the best location for you… you need to organize a special lunch!

Here’s our suggestions: freshly baked Italian bread, Ventricina (spicy salami from Abruzzo), tarallucci and of course, pizza!

All these delights are easy to find. For fresh bread and pizza look for a ‘panificio’ or ‘panetteria’ and for the Ventricina search a salumeria. But don’t worry many of the local small stores are well-stocked and it’s easy to find everything you need in just one shop.

Which picnic spot would you choose?

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