Our vision of Sustainable Tourism

Soustainable Tourism: a Journey of Responsible Travel

Welcome to Abruzzo, a region where time seems to slow down, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in its rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant communities. As an Italian small tour operator deeply committed to sustainable tourism, we are dedicated to preserving the essence of Abruzzo while ensuring that our actions benefit both the environment and the local communities.



At the heart of our sustainable tourism philosophy lies the belief in responsible travel – a concept that goes beyond mere exploration to encompass a deep respect for the places we visit and the people who call them home. In Abruzzo, my home region, this means embracing the principles of slow travel, supporting local farmers, and promoting social inclusion through mall but meaningful actions for the local community.


One of our key initiatives revolves around the production of artisanal jams by a local social cooperative dedicated to the integration of socially disadvantaged individuals. By harnessing the agricultural resources of the area, this cooperative not only produces delicious preserves but also provides valuable employment opportunities, empowering individuals to contribute to their communities while preserving local traditions.
To support this cooperative and their activities, we are proud to offer these jams as a welcome gift to our travelers, inviting them to taste a piece of Abruzzo soul and support a worthy cause.


In our tours, we shine a spotlight on Abruzzo’s vibrant farmers’ markets, where visitors can experience the true essence of the region. These markets are more than just places to buy fresh produce – they are bustling hubs of activity where locals gather to exchange stories, share recipes, and celebrate the bounty of the land. By supporting these markets, we not only help to sustain local economies but also safeguard the slower pace of life that defines Abruzzo. Moreover, we are immensely proud of the impact our tours have on our travelers. After experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of Abruzzo’s farmers’ markets, many of our guests return home with a newfound appreciation for local and sustainable produce. They send us photos of themselves shopping in their hometown farmers’ markets.

In addition, during our tours, we also visit and support artisans, artists, fishermen and other representatives of the local community who are custodians of ancient traditions and the beauty of our corner of the world


Furthermore, we prioritize small-group travel (maximum 12 travelers), ensuring that our tours have minimal impact on the environment while maximizing the quality of the experience for our guests. Traveling in small groups allows us to forge deeper connections with the places we visit and the people we meet along the way, fostering a sense of intimacy and authenticity that is often lost in larger tour groups. Click here to find out more about this topic.

In addition to Abruzzo, our tours extend to other beautiful Italian regions such as Puglia, Sicily, Marche, and beyond always following  our travel philosophy and vision. In each of these places, we strive to create meaningful experiences that not only showcase the beauty of Italy but also contribute to its preservation for future generations.

Italia Sweet Italia believes that sustainable tourism is not just a trend – it is a way of life. By embracing responsible travel practices, we can help to preserve our country’s natural beauty, support local communities, and create unforgettable experiences for travelers from around the world. Join us on a journey of discovery and transformation as we explore the wonders of Abruzzo together, one mindful step at a time.

Experience the magic of sustainable tourism with our carefully curated tours. 

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  • Sandra D.
    A wonderful tour that was so meticulously planned by Fabrizio who organised the most wonderful and knowledgeable guides. They really made the tour with their local insights. It was a well paced tour where we were taken to some amazing restaurants and places. I would definitely book another tour with this company. The trip was the experience of a lifetime. It was my first time in Europe and while I was excited, I was quite nervous about the unknown. It did help that I was with friends on this trip, but Fabrizio and his team went over the top to make sure that every detail was taken care of. I can easily see myself going on my own to one of his tours again in the future because his groups are small and you get to really know the others on the trip. I was surprised by the number of women who were taking the tour and who were traveling on their own. Needing to know Italian wasn’t necessary as we were taken care of from the moment that we flew into Rome.
  • LaRona H
    Observing the lifestyle has been life changing. The food was incredible. 

I was with a group of 9 women traveling to Abruzzo and Puglia December 2023. We experienced local life by meeting locally owned, generation to generation, family candy makers, winery and olive oil factories. We met with many local people and saw sights that you would not normally see on a bigger tour. And the food was phonemical! This tour felt very personal. Our tour guides Fabrizio and Katia were fabulous. Very attentive and enthusiastic. My highlight was helping to prepare and then eat food in Fabrizio’s family home with his mother, father, cousin and her husband. Enjoying a family dinner together was wonderful. Not only did we help prepare the fresh pasta, but we also had the opportunity to sip the wine and olive oil from their farm. An amazing day. Fabrizio, the owner of Italia Sweet Italia, showed us local Abruzzo and his associate, Katia, showed us her home area of Puglia. We had the best of everything with local guides who love their hometowns and loved sharing it with us. Bravo!


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