Sweet with walnuts by Mamma Carla Vittoria

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When it comes to desserts, there’s often a story behind each recipe, a family bond that makes that pleasure even more special.

This is precisely the case with “Sweet with Walnuts by Mamma Carla Vittoria,” a dessert that has become a true shared treasure among friends and relatives and our travelers.

Mamma Carla Vittoria preparing pasta alla chitarra

Ettore and Barbara, dear friends and esteemed artists, introduced this dessert during their convivial evenings on our tours, where art and flavor merge into a unique experience, in the enchanting village of Lentella, the place where they live.

It has become a fixed appointment after dinner, where conversations are accompanied by the inviting scent emanating from the oven.

The recipe has family origins, passed down from Ettore’s mother, Mamma Carla Vittoria.

It was Barbara, Ettore’s wife, who learned it from her and slightly modified it, using the almonds from the family tree instead of walnuts.

During visits to their artistic farm, it’s a ritual to gather the fruits from the almond tree, a silent witness to a tradition that is renewed from generation to generation, so much so that we gladly share with you the much-desired recipe, so that you can continue to taste a piece of Abruzzo even in your homes.

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