The Natural Reserve of Sicily: Riserva dello Zingaro

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The first Sicilian natural reserve, in terms of historical and naturalistic recognition, is located in San Vito lo Capo.

One of Italy’s most beautiful coastlines, to be crossed only on foot.

This is allows the preservation of the reserve, without the need for too much human intervention.

Inside the reserve are the Naturalistic Museum, the Museum of Maritime Activities, the Museum of Peasant Civilization, the Center for Environmental Education, and two equipped areas, and some rural cottages used as camps.

The reserve enchants, with its beauty because of the intense colors in every season, the white coves set in a crystal clear sea in various shades of blue, the ubiquitous dwarf palms, the lush Mediterranean scrub, the wild olive trees and the majestic carob trees from which the harmonious shapes of the rural houses of the nearby Borgo Cusenza, can be glimpsed.

Fundamental is also the presence of wildlife and marine life, typical of the place, that live in peace with the environment.

There are many paths to take to enjoy the wonders of the reserve, during the various seasons.

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