Tracing your Abruzzo Ancestry

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Tracing your Abruzzo family tree back two generations or more to the village your Grandfather or Grandmother left for America, Canada, Australia, or Venezuela is fun but bureaucracy in Italian record systems is notorious.  It can be a little labour intensive and if you don’t speak Italian and if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, can  become more than a challenge that you want to undertake whilst on holiday in Italy.

We thought we’d give some translations of the certificates that you will need to help you along the way.  The service we offer as part of our Abruzzo ancestry holidays is visiting establishments to get these certificates as well as the more fun part of helping to track down relatives in Abruzzo or that exact house where your Grandfather was born or Church he married your grandmother in.  Here’s an example of some of the certificates that will help you along the way, if you don’t have them we can source them for you:
  • Certificati di nascita – Birth Certificate
  • Certificati di adozione Adoption Certificate
  • Certificati di matrimonio  – Marriage Certificate
  • Conclusione di matrimoni precedenti: sentenza di divorzio  – Divorce Certificate
  • Certificato di morte – Death Certificate

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6 thoughts on “Tracing your Abruzzo Ancestry”

  1. Marilyn Borntrager

    NMy Grandparents are from Fossacessia, Abrusso. Family name is Sangenisi, Raphalle. Can you help me with any information? Are there any relatives there?
    Thank youin advancefor your respoonse.
    Marilyn Parker Borntrager
    Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States of America

  2. Gina Colamarino

    My great grand parents are from Cupello, Abruzzo.[Abruzzi*?]
    Family names that I know of are Colamarino, and Canavino [Cantaveno, Canaveno, Canavena, I am not 100% positive]
    I have always looked for information on my ancestry, and have troubles finding it.
    I just want to know my history a little better and where I came from.
    Any and all help is appreciated, thank you.
    Gina Colamarino
    Michigan, USA.

  3. David Kijewski

    Hello, my name is David Kijewski and I have traced my ancestors back to 1744 in Fontecchio but I’m missing a lot of information. My 5x great grandfather’s name is Orazio Ciancone, his wife’s name is Lucia Ciancone, but I don’t when he was born or his parent’s names. I also found my 6x great grandfather who was born in 1744, his name is Saverio Benedetti and his wife’s name is Angela Rampini. If there is any way I could get more information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,
    David Kijewski

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