Travelers stories: Linda and her first trip in Italy

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Since we embarked on this adventure with Italia Sweet Italia we have always sought to convey our  passion for Abruzzo and to share it in our guests. For us, the travelers’ opinions on their experiences are invaluable. We like to think that, upon returning home, they carry not only material souvenirs like postcards or magnets, but above all, indelible memories of what they have experienced with us.

For this reason, we have decided to collect some of their stories, to relive the emotion of what they have seen and felt through their words.

I’m thrilled to share a wonderful story with you all!

Recently, Linda reminded me of our tour through her travel diary, after an impressive 12 years since her experience with Italia Sweet Italia.

It’s amazing to see how vividly the memories are still anchored in her memory, with all the details described so richly.

I’m incredibly proud that we’ve left such a lasting and meaningful impression in her travel memories.

Thank you, Linda, for sharing this experience!

This story begins with the desire of two friends to spend an unforgettable vacation together. Linda, wanted to create new memories in the regions of Abruzzo and Molise.

So their adventure began, as Linda tells us in her travel diary.

One of the first tours created by Italia Sweet Italia, which had recently started its activity.

On September 9, 2012, after we had all gathered, at 12:30 we set off!

There were 16 of us.

Destination: Termoli, Molise, Italy.

Our accommodation was a “Albergo diffuso” (scattered hotel), near the main square, surrounded by the life of the place with its church, restaurants, and shops. 

Termoli greeted us with a inviting vibe, yet it was the historic center that encapsulated town’s authentic essence with its narrow streets, blooming balconies, bustling squares, and locals’ warm hospitality.

On the second day, we headed along the Abruzzo Adriatic coast with our bus, visiting a Trabocco where a fishing demonstration took place.

Later, we went to the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere, where we enthusiastically admired the beautiful surrounding panorama.

We had a packed lunch at the Punta Aderci Regional Nature Reserve, in Vasto, my hometown, a charming coastal park.

In Vasto, we explored the city and visited the museum/art gallery at the Palazzo d’Avalos before embarking on a walking tour of Vasto’s historic center.

During the rest of the week, we divided our time between Termoli and Vasto.

Our guests took part in various cooking classes on making homemade pasta with Chef Massimo and Zia Rosaria, learning to prepare a variety of stuffed and unstuffed pasta dishes accompanied by sauce and meatballs, stuffed mussels, stuffed vegetables, and cheese and egg balls.

Followed by traditional desserts such as chocolate and vanilla cookies, and tiramisu.

Afterwards, they visited an olive oil producer for a tasting and a winery.

Finally, they explored a kitchen shop in Vasto, and many of them chose to enjoy dinner with my (Fabrizio) family, featuring traditional cuisine, wine tastings, and lively conversations.

The last day saw us rise early for a day full of experiences and emotions.

From visiting the bell foundry in Agnone, to the tour of the Caseificio di Nucci Antonio, where we witnessed the production of local cheese, to lunch at Masseria Santa Lucia, where we enjoyed delicious delights like porchetta and bruschetta.

Finally, we ended the day with a fun homemade pizza dinner, exchanging hugs and goodbyes, hoping to live more fantastic adventures together.

I thank Linda for making this wonderful week so special.

I am proud that the shared memories remain etched in our minds, ready to be relived again.

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