Travelers stories: Nick exploring Abruzzo and Beyond

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Since we started our adventure with Italia Sweet Italia we have always shared our passion for Abruzzo and tried to instill it in our guests. That is why one of the things we valued the most is their opinion about the trip. We love to think they will go back to their hometown with a piece of our region: not only postcards, magnets or books, but an experience they will remember (and maybe make them come back!).

We decided to collect some of them to make everyone live what they saw and felt through their own words.

This history starts from a Nick’s desire to visit an as-yet unexplored region, from the USA.

He visited Abruzzo to enjoy an experience with Italia Sweet Italia, such as our The Abruzzo, Puglia & Matera Experience and Cultural, Culinary & Walking Experience in Abruzzo.

Why did you choose Abruzzo and Italia Sweet Italia for your holidays? Did you find what you were looking for?

I discovered ISI on Facebook, and an all inclusive tour of Abruzzo, which I had never seen.

Who did you travel with?


When did you visit Abruzzo?

A few years ago.

What specific activities did you enjoy most on your trip?


So much about this tour is just great, from the beautiful city of Vasto, visiting the national parks and beautiful beaches, our lunch at an agriturismo, cooking together with Fabrizo’s family, and so much more.

How would you define the Abruzzese cuisine? What is your favorite dish you tasted or prepared over there?


I loved the seafood and our meal on the trabocco, although everything we ate was outstanding, pasta, pizza, etc.

What is the funniest moment of your vacation?

Visiting the Fattoria d’Arte, and seeing Bari.

Is there a favorite image or memory that stays in your mind? Can you describe the moment and the emotions that you felt at the time?


Various photos.

Did you feel safe all the time?


Do you think there is anything that should be improved or changed?

Couldn’t be better.

Would you recommend coming to Abruzzo and do you have any advice for future travelers?

Just do it!

Other curiosities that you would like to share with us.

We started each tour with a trip to the market to pick our out ingredients for our Sunday meal prepared by Mama Lucci.

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2 thoughts on “Travelers stories: Nick exploring Abruzzo and Beyond”

  1. Great story. Hopefully someday soon it could be us. Thank you. I see mostly women in your tours. What is the average age and makeup of the group?

    1. Buongiorno Cecelia,

      many thanks for contacting me.

      Our groups, are suitable for young and old, but usually the average age of participants is 50 and up.

      If you’re looking for more information, you can find some answers in the FAQ section of our website, such as this one that might meet your needs:

      Which are your typical guests approach and motivations?

      They’ve travelled enough to know that touristy vacations are just not them.
      They long for more authentic travel, ways to truly experience the culture and people they’re visiting.
      They appreciate la dolce vita and the pleasures of exquisite food, wine, and fellowship with others who share their passions.
      They are not afraid to take bold steps…to learn something new…to explore something completely out of the ordinary.
      In short, they are exactly the sort of person who would deeply enjoy a cultural or active tour of Abruzzo and other off the beaten paths destinations.

      Thank you

      Grazie e ciao for now


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