Discover Sicily on a responsible and cultural tour

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The region of Sicily, the toe of Italy’s boot, is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea. It is one of the most beautiful Italian regions, a land with multiple souls, full of history and traditions.

It can offer an unforgettable travel experience to anyone who is interested in history, science, art, amazing landscapes and beaches, great food and wine. 

In this article we list our 9 favorite places and activities and we share with you a dedicated 8-day tour called Responsible and cultural trip in authentic Sicily, that will give you the chance to discover and experience the Sicilian culture with its warm hospitality, great food and famous desserts.

How did I put together this tour and why is it so special?

I worked with local suppliers to select partners, licensed tour guides and passionate people living and working in Sicily. The trip is inspired by people who truly share our philosophy in wanting to create a new and unique experience that  supports local businesses and sustainable tourism

It is different from any other tour and will let you discover the authentic and multifaceted soul of the region, with its layered culture and genuine unique communities.  

What are we going to do?

Here are the highlights of the tour so you can get a better idea of the vacation. 

You will…

  • Live like a local and visit the chaotic, yet fascinating Palermo, with its cultural sites, picturesque markets and artisans, and charming Monreale, and Erice, an enchanting medieval village perched atop Monte San Giuliano. Here you will admire Erice’s its architectural jewels, including its castle, churches and palaces and taste typical Erice sweets, whose recipes were created by the nuns in the town’s cloistered convents.

  • Prepare traditional Sicilian dishes with local women (i.e. homemade pasta, caponata and arancine)

  • Get in contact with places and businesses who say No to mafia: we will take you to Capaci, a town known for the massacre of Giovanni Falcone, and show you how this place has evolved beyond its tragic past 
  • Meet representatives of the anti-mafia movement in a friendly and relaxed way to discover more about this important piece of Italian history and help new generations to have a better future 

  • Experience traditional Sicilian street food: cannoli, arancini, panino con la milza (a sesame topped soft bread, stuffed with chopped veal lung and spleen that have been boiled and then fried in lard), granita

  • Enjoy amazing landscapes and historical sites, such as Corleone, a town nestled in the rock and immersed in the countryside; Segesta, the archaeological area where the remains of the ancient Elymian-Greek city (a temple and a theater) stand out in the gentle hilly landscape; and Saline, home to salt shallow salt pools and windmills

  • Explore enchanted seaside villages and nature reserves: we will take you to the multi-cultural Mazara del Vallo, located less than 200 km (124 miles) from the Tunisian coast; Scopello, a coastal village known for its Tonnara, a tuna fishing plant, and the Zingaro Reserve, andoutdoor and undisturbed nature reserve along a 4.3 miles coastal path dotted with broom (what is broom?-, thyme, almond trees, ash trees, dwarf palms and carob trees

  • Visit a boutique winery devoted to organic farming and a farmhouse that collaborates with local businesses to provide social assistance to young people with social and / or mental disabilities

We promise you it’s a vacation you will never forget!

Ready to experience Sicily with us?

Get in touch today for more information about the region, we will help you understand what are the best options for your dream vacation! 

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2 thoughts on “Discover Sicily on a responsible and cultural tour”

  1. Karen T Kelly

    My family immigrated from Marsala to the United States in the early 1920’s. I have decided to leave the US and have purchased a home in Silvi. I am in the process of liquidating my property here so that I may make my Italian property my permanent home. I would be most anxious to take the tour to visit the place from which my family left to come here. I am hoping to be in Italy by October but if that isn’t possible, I look forward to the May tour!

    1. Fabrizio Lucci

      Buongiorno Karen,

      that’s great to know that you have Sicilian roots and that you decided to live in Abruzzo.

      Ok, I’ll be waiting for your updates about your travel plans.

      It will be nice to let you discover your Sicily.

      Ciao for now


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