The fascinating Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo, Italy

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This is a 42-kilometer coastline stretching from Ortona to the Vasto area, considered one of the most beautiful to visit in Abruzzo.

It is so named for the presence of ancient wooden platforms, used by fishermen, to reach with their nets into very deep waters and catch quality fish.

Some of them now house restaurants, where you can eat and admire the swaying water.

This land is full of beautiful beaches and is the perfect destination for a vacation, where you can enjoy nature.

The Trabocchi coast is also home to one of Europe’s longest bike paths by the sea, a 42-kilometer route built on the old decommissioned railway line from which the most beautiful views can be admired.

You can discover this Abruzzo uniqueness during our tours, and the best way is by walking or cycling.

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2 thoughts on “The fascinating Trabocchi Coast, Abruzzo, Italy”

  1. Lori DiBattista

    Hello. We will be traveling to the Abruzzi region in August. We would be able to leave from the train station in Sulmona. We would like to find out how to travel to several stops. With our final destination being Puglia. Possible stops could be Pescara, Trabocchi, Alberobello.
    We would then need to return to Rome for our flight home.

    1. Buongiorno Lori,
      thank you for your comment.

      We’re delighted that you’re planning to visit Abruzzo and Puglia.

      For more information on places to see, feel free to check out our blog articles:


      If you need to get around between cities, we recommend checking train connections and schedules on the Ferrovie dello Stato website: https://www.trenitalia.com/en.html

      Wishing you a wonderful journey in Abruzzo and beautiful Puglia!

      Ciao for now


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