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Alberobello is an Italian village in the province of Bari, located in the heart of Puglia, near the Murgia hills and the

My beautiful region Abruzzo, has several facets that characterize it, and one of them is its climate. In fact, Abruzzo has a

The pizzella, widespread throughout the Abruzzo region, takes on different names depending on the area of production, so it is also known as ferratella,

L’Aquila is a city located in central Italy, in the region of Abruzzo. It has a population of around 70,000 inhabitants and

Are you passionate about traveling and food, and have dreamed about putting the two together on a trip? Well, we have an

Abruzzo is a region rich in cultural and culinary traditions, and in springtime it offers rich and fresh dishes, with products donated

Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world, in which life has been flowing uninterruptedly since prehistoric times. A great

Since we started our adventure with Italia Sweet Italia we have always shared our passion for Abruzzo and tried to instill it

Segesta was the most important of the Elymian cities. Its location is extremely evocative because on Mount Barbaro one enjoys a hillside

Roccascalegna is a medieval village in Abruzzo, home to about 1,200 inhabitants in which walking in its peaceful poetic silence through the

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