Here is where I share my tips and secrets about Abruzzo (and beyond), Italy, so you can learn about what makes Abruzzo shine before you arrive on your next trip.

If you are curious about the local venues, traditional food and recipes, common sayings in dialect, and what to expect on your travels, grab your espresso and immerse yourself in our blog!

You can also read through our travelers’ stories to see firsthand what Abruzzo has to offer.

I’m happy to show you the beautiful landscapes, culture, food and traditions of Abruzzo and my other favorite Italian regions such as Puglia, Sicily, Emilia Romagna and much more!  

Ciao for now, Fabrizio.

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Summer in Abruzzo ushers in delicious heavy baskets of assorted vegetables and fruits with zero food miles, combine these with traditional Italian

So you fancy a week in Italy in July with some authentic cookery classes that delve into regional rustic specialities? An Italian

Painting classes in Italy classically call to those seeking beautiful and inspirational landscapes, but they are also perfect for those that love

May’s arrival signals sweet relief at home, with the sweetest peas and tender fave being popped by Mamma, who knows that the

Penne con ricotta e verdure – Penne pasta with ricotta cheese and vegetables. Learn to cook with a real Italian Mamma or a

Lasagne are one of the most famous Italian food. You can cook them in many ways (meat, fish, vegetables) but one of

Risotto allo zafferano con la ventricina – Saffron risotto with ventricina salami. Learn to cook with a real Italian Mamma or a professional Italian

The Pallotte cac’ e ‘ove are a gastronomic specialty of southern Abruzzo. They come from the farming tradition where few and simple

Cavatelli are a kind of small pasta traditional of Southern Italy that look like miniature hot dog buns. You can eat cavatelli

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